Companion Care Services in Gettysburg, PA

Preferred HealthStaff provides companion care services for the elderly in the Gettysburg, PA area. This program enriches the lives of local seniors and helps manage the effects of elderly isolation — a condition that is more common and more damaging than many people realize. In addition to managing elderly isolation, companion care can help your loved one enjoy favorite activities more easily and live more safely and securely.

Companion care services from Preferred HealthStaff are available throughout Gettysburg and the surrounding areas. Our custom care plans, client-focused approach, and compassionate caregivers have made us Gettysburg’s trusted choice for companion care services.

Companion Care Services for the Elderly

Companion services offer a range of benefits to the elderly, particularly those who live alone or who thrive on social interaction. At Preferred HealthStaff, our companion caregivers play a key role in keeping seniors happy, comfortable, and safe.

Our companion care program is especially valuable to seniors who spend much of their time alone, without the company of family or friends. Research has shown that isolated seniors are at much higher risk not only for poor emotional health, but also for physical health problems. Through our companion care services, we help seniors in Gettysburg maintain both of these aspects of their well-being. Our caregivers offer invaluable emotional support, help seniors live more meaningfully, and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

Companion care can also help seniors in Gettysburg live more safely and securely, especially if they live alone. Having a care companion around the home ensures that someone is there in the event of an emergency. A care companion’s presence can also make your mom or dad less vulnerable to criminal acts, helping to deter acts of theft or fraud.

Even if your loved one doesn’t live alone, they may benefit from companion services. Seniors who thrive on social interaction can benefit from the company a caregiver provides. Care companions can also act as a partner for games, hobbies, walks, and other activities. This can be especially helpful if your loved one has a favorite activity that they now need a helping hand to fully enjoy.

Gettysburg’s Companion Care Providers

If your mom or dad could benefit from companion care, we invite you to call our office. We will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation care assessment, performed in the comfort of your loved one’s home. We offer flexible scheduling and care plans, including a full range of specialized care services, and we strive to match every client with a caregiver who is perfectly suited to his or her care needs.

To schedule a care assessment, or to learn more about our companion care services for Gettysburg seniors, call (717) 642-1200 today.