Homemaker Services in Gettysburg, PA

Nobody should need to spend their golden years occupied with housekeeping. Thanks to Preferred HealthStaff, seniors in Gettysburg don’t have to. As Gettysburg’s trusted homemaker agency, we offer assistance for all kinds of housekeeping tasks. Our homemaker services represent a lifeline for seniors with physical difficulties, while giving others more time to relax and enjoy their retirement.

Homemaker services from Preferred HealthStaff cover a wide range of housekeeping tasks, day-to-day chores, and other homemaking activities. Our homemaker agency assists seniors in Gettysburg with activities such as:

  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and light mopping of floors
  • Cleaning, folding, and putting away laundry
  • Making the bed and changing sheets
  • Light tidying around the home
  • Planning and preparing healthy meals
  • Washing and putting away dishes
  • Grocery shopping and other errands

Homemaker Services for Seniors in Gettysburg

There are a number of reasons why seniors in Gettysburg chose homemaker services from our agency. Most times, though, seniors come to us for one of two reasons. The first is physical health concerns that make housekeeping difficult. The second is a desire to spend more time focused on favorite activities.

While housekeeping can be healthy exercise for most people — including many seniors — health concerns in later years can make certain activities difficult, uncomfortable, or dangerous. Arthritis can make a number of tasks painful to perform. Seniors with cardiovascular problems should avoid tasks that risk overexertion. Poor balance, mobility issues, and frailty can all make chores more difficult and increase seniors’ risk of injury.

Seniors in Gettysburg facing any of the above issues can benefit from homemaker services from Preferred HealthStaff. Our caregivers happily perform any homemaking tasks that their clients can’t safely or comfortably perform by themselves.

Even in cases where health concerns aren’t an issue, seniors in Gettysburg may wish to take advantage of a homemaker agency. After a long career of hard work, many seniors wish to relax during retirement and focus on family, friends, and favorite activities. Homemaker services can help them find that time. By making meals, washing dishes, vacuuming floors, doing laundry, and other housekeeping tasks, our caregivers allow their clients to spend more time on the things they love.

Gettysburg’s Preferred Homemaker Agency

Preferred HealthStaff is proud to be south-central Pennsylvania’s trusted homemaker agency. Our homemaker services are available to seniors in Gettysburg, Fairfield, and the surrounding communities.

To get started, or to learn more about our homemaker agency, simply give us a call. Preferred HealthStaff offers free, no-obligation homemaker services consultations to seniors in Gettysburg and the rest of our service area. Consultations take place in the comfort of seniors’ homes, and are the perfect way to learn more about our agency, our services, and our caregivers.

Call Preferred HealthStaff at (717) 642-8500 today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about our homemaker services in the Gettysburg area.