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Staffing shortages in Gettysburg nursing homes and hospitals are becoming an increasing problem. Let us help

Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA: A Trusted Choice among Medical Staffing Agencies

Is your nursing home or hospital facing a staff shortage? Are you struggling to find qualified and reliable caregivers for your team? Are you vetting medical staffing agencies in the Gettysburg PA area? If your hospital or nursing home is in need of temporary or long term caregivers for your facility, please call Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA.

Preferred HealthStaff is one of the leading medical staffing agencies in the Gettysburg PA area. We provide fully trained and professional staff to health care organizations in Gettysburg, Fairfield, Franklin, Latimore, Littlestown, and Waynesboro. The caregivers on our team are all carefully screened to ensure they have the skills to provide a superior level of care each and every day. You will find our caregivers to be reliable, friendly and competent.

While other medical staffing agencies may refer caregivers who lack experience, you can count on Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA to refer only experienced and trained caregivers to your organization. Each caregiver we hire has a minimum of one year experience. As with other medical staffing agencies, we require full background, criminal history and child abuse checks. Drug and tuberculosis screenings are mandatory as well. Each caregiver must submit his or her credentials and references. We carefully check each of these to assess the caregiver’s skill in working with clients and providing quality care services.

Caregivers who join Preferred HealthStaff’s medical staffing agencies also participate in an extensive training program. Our Certified Home Health Aide training consists of 30 classes ranging from Understanding HIPPA to Measuring Vital Signs to Infection Control. Caregivers also participate in our Alzheimer’s and Memory Care training program which consists of 24 classes that provide the advanced skills needed to care for someone with a memory care disorder. Our Non-Elder Care training provides knowledge about topics such as mental illness, developmental disabilities, and working with children and families. Our Home Care Medications training covers Understanding Prescriptions, Documentation of Medication Handling, Managing and Assisting with Medications, and more.

When you choose Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA from among the medical staffing agencies in the area, you can be confident you will be connected with experienced and trained caregivers. Our medical staffing services can help you manage fluctuations in staffing needs. Professional medical staffing agencies, like Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA, help health care organizations reduce costs related to recruitment, training and benefits.

Call Preferred HealthStaff at (717) 642-1200 today to find out why we are the trusted choice among medical staffing agencies in the Gettysburg PA area.