We screen carefully to provide you with the best senior care provider.

At Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA, we hold to a very high standard involving an extensive screening process

Experienced Senior Care Providers from Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA

Finding a senior home care professional you can trust is easy when you call Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA. Our caregivers are carefully screened to ensure your loved one will receive the highest quality care at all times. If your loved one needs at home senior care services, Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA can help. At Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA, each caregiver on our team has been through our extensive interview and screening process. This process starts with a completed application that must show at least one year of experience providing senior home care services. From here candidates advance to our interview process. During the interview process candidates must participate in a variety of screening steps that include:
  • Full identification verification
  • Reference and credentials check
  • Completed physical form
  • Tuberculosis screening
  • Proof of CPR, First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens Certifications
  • Child abuse, criminal history and drug screening
  • Skills assessment
Only after we have carefully reviewed each candidate to ensure they have the skills, experience and compassionate nature we require, do we invite them to join the Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA senior home care team. Senior home care services from Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA are always customized to your loved one’s individual care concerns. We start with an initial at home meeting that allows us to assess and understand your loved one’s needs. We’ll use the information gathered during this meeting to create your loved one’s senior home care plan. During the preparation of the care plan, we will also begin the process of matching your loved one with a caregiver from our team. The caregiver who is matched with your loved one will meet with his or her case manager to discuss the senior home care services we will provide. The case manager will then accompany the caregiver on his or her first visit to your loved one’s home. During this visit, we take the time to introduce the caregiver to your loved one and familiarize him or her with the home. You will find that the senior home care professionals we hire are friendly and outgoing people. Our caregivers enjoy meeting and working with their clients. From friendly conversation to quality care, our senior home care professionals will put your loved one at ease and develop a friendship with your loved one. You can find a skilled and friendly senior home care professional to care for your loved one at Preferred HealthStaff Gettysburg PA. Please call (717) 642-1200 to learn more about our senior home care professionals and the services they provide.